Sunday, June 4

February Snows and Second Hand Plows

Murphy loves to explore snow drifts

We had some pretty big snow storms this past winter which left us wishing our plow was working on our farm truck. As is always the case, our truck and plow are 2nd hand and work is always needed to have them working they way there were intended.

Part of the homesteading life involves using equipment that is 2nd hand, and sometimes 3rd and 4th hand here. It is frustrating although it does save money but there is a thin line between money-saving-purchase that needs a little work and a purchase that results in spending more money than anticipated to repair the item purchased. Hidden problems with mechanics, electrical wiring, etc can and have resulted in us spending much more money than anticipated.

Fortunately we have become more adept at spotting potential fund-draining problems with things we are looking to purchase on craigslist or at garage sales. We did acquire a nice wood chipper for a fair price that only needed minimal repairs.

That fine line road is paved with experience at this point since we have had our fair share of ups and downs.
A brave robin looking for lunch on the sumac trees

Well, we can't plow our driveway so I guess we aren't going anywhere.
Fine by me!

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