Monday, January 30

First Seed Order for 2017


I have a stack of seed catalogs on my table and it is time to start planning this years garden. As always, so many plans and ideas, of which some will turn out wonderfully and others with be disastrous failures. However, I will charge in head first just like every season, determined to fill each minute of each day with as many projects as I can dream up.

Last year, a very nice woman at my husbands company gave us a jar of canned hot peppers. It was so pretty with the bright red and the little white bits of garlic floating around, that I set it out on the counter, determined to keep it as a kitchen decoration. Unfortunately, it was opened for Christmas Eve dinner and it was devoured by hungry guests. But it inspired me to grow those peppers and can them for myself,

I had a hard time finding seeds for them, eventually ordering through I had made a little promise to myself that this year I was going to order using the paper forms that come with the catalogs - to fill out each one and send a check in the mail. Sometimes I do strange things like that in this internet age just to feel like I am being different or creative or homestead-like. I could also fill out the forms by lantern light with quill and ink, but I do like my gel pens and solar electricity.

So, my one online order was placed today simply because I could not find these peppers anywhere else. And, of course, I can not justify paying a shipping charge that costs more than 1 packet of seeds, so I picked out a few other things as well.

Large Hot Cherry Pepper - the pepper that I will can and that will look pretty in that can.
Blue Hubbard Squash - I recently saw a video on Shalom Acres about this squash. They were talking about how much can be harvested from just a few plants and I thought it would be a good item to have in the pantry, or possibly to can.
Golden Zucchini - Because I used up all my seeds last year and didn't get a single yellow zucchini to save the seeds from due to the major drought conditions.
Holy Basil - I love tomato and basil soup.
Catnip - To dry and save for my cats enjoyment
Jacob's Ladder - More shade tolerant, this will go in the side garden. I am always looking for something colorful to brighten that area up.
Mullein - Many medicinal uses, plus the bees like the flowers and I think it is a very pretty and unique plant.
Yellow Bedstarw - During the Middle Ages, mattresses were filled with this variety, leaving a nice, pleasant scent. The yellow flowers bloom June thru August, and can be used as a yellow dye. (per heirloomseeds website)

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