Friday, August 12

This year looks like a great year for our grapes. They should be turning magenta and violet any day now and I am looking forward to making some grape jam like in years past. Last year the husband thought he would experiment with fermentation and used all the grapes in a wine-scheme-gone-bad.

Not only did the gigantic glass containers take up a great deal of space, the finished product was very pungent and it took days to air out the kitchen. Did I mention it was also very potent? It was. My husband was very happy with this and enjoyed every last drop. This year, it's going to be jam.

The grapes are one of the only things doing well here this season. With this drought, everything has been struggling with the exception of the grapes and the tomatoes. We are still having the water all the trees every three days and I water the vegetable garden daily. I have given up on the flower beds for now as I only have so much time, and so much water. Some of the more drought tolerant flowers are doing well such as the black eyed susan, the queen anne's lace, the bee balm and the butterfly bushes. Surprisingly, my hydrangea bush is flourishing and is still giving beautiful foliage and flowers.

I am ready for this summer to be done. It has been one of the worst as far as weather problems that I can think of since I started gardening and homesteading here. The watering of the orchard alone has taken so much time away from so any other important projects. Keeping the orchard alive is more important that painting the barn or searching for an affordable chipper but it feels as if this summer has been one of limited accomplishments.

Today it was in the 90s with very high humidity. I was hoping this this would spark a pop-up thunderstorm to give the land a little drink but no such luck today. Maybe tomorrow since it is supposed to be hot, humid and just plain horrible for the next 4 days.

I seem to be saying that a lot this summer.

Maybe tomorrow.

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