Saturday, August 13


Murphy, our faithful farm dog, has been benched for 4 weeks. He has been favoring his back right leg for quite a while and since he loves nothing more than a sprint across the field in chase of something always faster than himself, we chalked it up to simple 'over-doing it'.

Last week he just didn't bounce back from it. He would be sore at the end of the day - lots of running around and being my constant yard and farm work companion - and he would be slow in getting up on the couch for his nighttime snuggle. Last week, he was in a great deal more pain so he was off to the vet and diagnosed with a tear in his ACL.

Murphy is a highly energetic dog. He is skin, bones and muscle - not an ounce of fat on him. He never walks anywhere. He has two settings - sleeping and full speed. And he is absolutely miserable right now.

For the next four week he must be walked on his leash or on his cable line. No running, no jumping, no playing fetch, no chasing anything faster than a very slow mowing dog treat. It has been an exercise in patience for both of us.

He is very frustrated with me and thinks he is being punished which makes me launch into a detailed explanation of why he can not run which is met with a blank doggy stare and a refusal to go number 2 while on a leash.

He is still a great homestead guard dog and loyal family member, all be it a miserable and benched one. My little guy is at my side as I write this, snoring and twitching in his sleep, no doubt dreaming about chasing something small and furry through the woods.

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