Saturday, July 2

Animal Happenings

Never a dull moment here as we plan, plant and restore the property. The animals, both wild and livestock, are a corner stone of production, protection and entertainment. As we have been working on certain parts of the land to get the orchard going, we have also been noticing how many different types of wildlife are making their homes in the areas of the property we are letting go back to nature. The deer and turkeys are more frequent, the ducks and heron are coming to the creek and there is so much noise and life in the woods now, even though we have not cleared any of the tree tops left by the loggers or repaired any of the damage done in the past.

This guy was checking out part of the orchard field where I also have my pumpkins. Took a quick picture and moved along, leaving him to his business. I know better than to mess with him!

The 12 new Isa Brown's have been moved into the coop and run with my existing flock. Since the existing flock is down to 8 hens and Cornwallis the rooster, it was time to add soe new egg layers to the production team. Hopefully these new girls will be keeping us and our customers happy with eggs in a few months.

Murphy, my baby boy and farm security system. He does his job well - guards the property, is great with the kids and the chickens, patrols the fields and loves to cuddle. 

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