Wednesday, June 1

The Spring Explosion

Every spring I am amazed by the fact that one night I go to bed looking at barely budding tree branches and it seems that by the time I wake up the next morning there has been an explosion of foliage. It happens so fast that it seems like an overnight miracle. All of a sudden the trees are full of big green leaves and the bushes and flowering trees are full of color.

Right now there are so many colors and scents it is almost overwhelming. One summer when I was pregnant I was standing in just the right spot in the yard when a gust of wind carried the scent of bee balm to me. It was so overpowering that it was like being sprayed with 10 different scents at once in the perfume section of Macy's. Although I did not appreciate it at the time, now I can enjoy all these delicious scents that have taken over my property.

I cut lilacs to bring into the house and into little vases in the bathrooms - with two kids and a husband, they are better than any air freshener I could buy.

Every year this flowering tree attracts the bees and the orioles. I have tried to get a picture of them in the tree with their bring orange set against the white blossoms but so far my timing has just not lined up with their visits.

Two new tulip varieties that the kids and I planted last fall.

 Iris and poppies - my two favorite flowers - always bloom at the same time for me. The iris always stay around longer but I enjoy both of them for as long as I can. The poppies, even the larger perennial ones, are no match for a heavy rainstorm which may be hitting our area over the next few days. We have been having terrible humidity which leads to those sudden and heavy downpours.

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