Tuesday, June 21

The Barn Cats

We have 5 new animal additions living in one of the barns. I have partnered up with a fantastic lady who rescues feral cats from the very worst parts of the inner city and gets them medical care and gets them "fixed". She then reaches out to the animal community looking for farmers with barns, space and a kind heart to take in these little ones and give them a better life.

They are in different stages of "feral" ranging from almost house-cat to very afraid and hissing. The first three have been here since Mother's Day:

This is "Grandma". She was one of the original colony members.

This handsome man is Saruman (the rescue lady is a Lord of the Rings fan). He is very skittish and I hardly
ever see him now. 
Saruman giving me the evil stare.....

And this is "Daddy". He is reputed to be the father of most of the cats in the large colony. When they finally trapped him and had him fixed, they had a party.
Daddy and Grandma are two of the sweetest, most friendly cats I have ever had. They are both small but they are putting on weight and have long been out of there relocation cages. They know that this is there home now and going out to the barn is one of the best parts of my day now. They love attention, and food, and I have put a lawn chair in the barn where I try to spend at least 20 minutes a day just letting them get used to me. I love the quiet time and they need the companionship. Saruman is very skittish and shy and I hardly ever see him. It has gotten to the point where I am hoping he is still around and has not gone off exploring and gotten lost.

That is the nature of outdoor barn cats - to explore and hunt. By having them in the relocation cages for a couple weeks in the barn, they learn that this is 'home' and where the food is, so they should stick around. Grandma and Daddy have become so friendly I may bring them in the house. But they are the feral cat exceptions.

I agreed to take two more of the colony cats who needed barn homes:

This guy is named "Tuxie' since his fur pattern is like that of a little tuxedo. He is feral. Very afraid of people, hissing and not social. The door to his relocation cage was opened this morning since he has been here two weeks and I am going to give him his space. He needs time and quiet to start to trust again. As long as I can provide him with shelter and food, I feel good in that he at least has that in his life now.

And this is "Sonny". He is actually from one of the litters of which "Daddy" is the father. So I have two generations here in the barn. Sonny is still afraid and shy. He is coming around, slowly, but he is still in his cage and will be so for another week and a half. I can see the potential in him to be a very sweet little boy - his eyes are so expressive. I talk to him and he is slowly warming up to people.

Normally, I would not think of adopting 5 cats at once. My husband was not thrilled about this but he has grown very fond of both Grandma and Daddy. I remind him of where these cats came from and that they truly need a safe place to call home. I can not turn my back on an animal in need, especially if they are in a horrible situation. I have the space and I can afford some extra cat food every month and I just want to show them that life can be peaceful with a warm bed and a full belly.

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