Tuesday, June 28

Some mornings when I wake up I would rather just pull the covers over my head and try to block out the noise of my children arguing over who sits where on the couch.

Or sometimes my first sight in the morning is an extreme close up of my cats cold, wet nose which he has just a second ago shoved against my sleeping face.

Mostly, however, it is in the pattern of 'open eyes, look at clock, listen for evidence of other household members already awakened, get up, feed cats.' Which is immediately followed by 'feed myself breakfast'. While I wait for my toast, I like to look out the big back kitchen window and see what the day might hold me me. Rain? Summer heat? What's happening with the chickens? Was that branch laying there yesterday?

On lucky mornings, I see wildlife.

I don't care if you are the worst morning person in the world (which I think I might be) - there is no way that anyone could possibly not smile at what I got to see the other day. A deer with her two little twin fawns exploring the clover by the back tree line. And these fawns were loving it. They were jumping and running around together, running circles around their mom and leaping into the clover. They were playing and having the best time while Mom's radar ears scanned for possible anger.

Later that day I saw this little one in the woods - it was a little startling when I came across this baby since he or she was so close to the path.

I like to think of our property as a place where wildlife can come and feel safe. Our area is slowly being eaten away by developers so I feel it is important to leave as much of the property as possible wild and natural. I have started letting larger sections of fields to grow back where the previous owner had mowed. It is amazing when you just let a piece of lawn go back to field. So many different flowers and grasses appear which attracts the bees and birds and insects, and it is so much more visually pleasing than short, tan, half-dead grass.

Just with this little part of field that I have let go back to wild, we have seen so much more diversity and life. I can't wait to see what else we can bring back as we repair our land.

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