Wednesday, June 29

I am currently unhappy with the state of my peas. They were late to sprout and when they finally did, they were just plain lazy. They didn't want to climb up the trellis systems and they just kind of flopped over and hung out like a lazy teenager. When I finally got them upright and going, the stem base of just about every plant was permanently bent. Much twine and a little cursing later, I have many plants producing a great quantity of pods. But they still look lazy. All the twine in the world can not hide those crazy stem bases and it bothers me.

I am also bothered by the resident wood chuck who stubbornly refuses to vacate his bachelor pad located under my shed. Every night he digs himself out and finds a way into my garden, either by digging or squeezing through a loose patch of fencing. And every morning I find chewed off bean stalks, missing kale and a new hole to fill in by the shed.

I decided to put my trail cam in the garden, near the previously mentioned bean plants, just to see what I would see. I was thinking I would capture some night-vision illuminated wood chuck image, all ghastly white and black. Probably his rear end as he waddled across the garden bed, all fuzzy and our of focus. However, when scanning through the images captured the next day I was greeted with a wood chuck close up. There is was, munching away on some beans, in broad daylight, like he was making a lunchtime selection at the salad bar. Not a care in the world.... Just out for a noon day stroll.... Oh, a camera, well, I shall just sit here as close as I can let you get my best side.......

This wood chuck is smarter than I thought.

However, he has not touched the peas. Maybe he is as put off by the stems as I am. 

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