Wednesday, May 11

205 Fruit Trees

Planting 205 fruit trees in one long weekend is not an easy task for two people when those people also have two young children and a dog that likes to chase ducks. A few weekends ago we decided to go ahead and get the trees in - all of them. Three rows, all 550 feet long with a tree every 10 to 12 feet. We designed the planting by fruit maturity date and we mixed varieties of apple, peach, apricot, plum, nectarine and cherry.

The weather was still chilly but not intolerable so we got to work. To save time and backache, we used the auger on the back of the John Deere to drill a hole on a pre-marked spot and we did the entire field - all three rows - before we planted any trees. This took some time but it was much faster than digging by hand. Some of these trees had impressive root systems given that they were all around 5' tall.

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