Wednesday, May 18

200 Pine Trees and 100 Sycamores

More tree planting - this time it was 200 white pine and douglas fir trees, and 100 sycamore seedlings. The white pine were placed in various locations around the property, mostly to create privacy walls between property lines. The douglas fir trees were used to create a three-tree-deep, staggered privacy barrier between our side field and the road.

White pine seedlings along a property line
The sycamore trees looked more like dead sticks and it was hard to tell them apart from weeds and fallen branches along the creek bed. Sycamores are reported to like water and we are hoping that they also serve as a bank stabilizing root system. The creek has a tendency to erode the edges causing hidden soft spots and collapses - not the best thing to come across unawares while on a tractor. We marked each tree with rocks are keeping watch for buds.

Between getting all the trees in and the fencing project around the fruit trees, there has not been much time for other outdoor projects. My garden is being planted as time allows and all the animals - existing and new - are being cared for. 

Birds are on my radar lately......

Turkey on the trail cam

On the neighboring properties pond

Cheeky little guy who was singing away

One of my girls looking regal

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