Saturday, May 28

14 Isa Browns

This years chick selection was Isa Brown - a great egg layer with low risk of pasty butt or what I call, sudden chick death. In previous years I have had terrible problems with pasty butt on the "assorted pullets" selection. I spent more time cleaning chick butts.......  And, in the past, I have looked in on the little girls only to find one laying dead in the brooder. No signs of any problems - just no longer alive.

So far, these Isa Browns have been fantastic. No problems. Fast growing, eating well, feathering out nicely and good temperament. We have 14 of these girls who just a few days ago made the trip from basement brooder to segregated chicken coop pen. They can see the flock but they are too small yet to be integrated.

They seem to be happy with their new accommodations even if they were not thrilled about the dark cardboard box ride to get there from the basement. It's hard to tell with chickens, but I figure as long as they have fresh food and water, dry bedding, safety (in this case in the form of a re-purposed children's octagon playpen) and protection from the elements, they should be content.

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