Saturday, March 12

Tomatoes, the Parade and Hopes for Mild Weather

I started three flats of tomato seeds yesterday at the kitchen table with little to no interruption from the kids which I chalk up to a gigantic win. They help plant the beans and peas and other large seeds outdoors later in the spring but the tiny seeds in flats - that's my domain. It is so relaxing and enjoyable that I wish I had the space and the need to start 20 flats of peppers, tomatoes and eggplant. But my current total of three flats of tomatoes, one of peppers and one of eggplant are all that my garden can accommodate, while still having leftover transplants for family and friends.

Most of my peppers have sprouted and I have a little bright green forest. The eggplant has been slower to germinate and show progress but there is some. The heat mats have helped tremendously with germination and I highly recommend using them for all seed starting, especially in our chilly New York spring.

I am trying many varieties of tomato this season because I just couldn't say no to all those colors in the Baker Creek Catalog (and the Annie's catalog, and the Seed Savers catalog.....)

This year's tomato selections:

Blue Gold Berries
Gelbe von Thun
Cherry Roma
Mexico Midget
Sweet Pea Currant
Black Cherry
Igleheart Yellow
Sungold Select
Red Cherry
Ildi Yellow
White Tomesol

No green tomatoes this year - it was too hard to tell when they were ripe! Also, I am not planting Old German this year. I grew them last year and they were very 'mealy' and seems to over-ripen overnight and just fall off the vine in a mushy mess.

Today was the annual St. Patrick's Day parade downtown so we drove down to watch. This is the one and only time during the year that we go downtown, unless there is a trip to the museum. The parade is always fun and the kids love the music but in the end I just can't wait to get out of there. So  many people crammed into a parade route, long lines in the parking garage and more drunk people than I want to deal with because they are doing things that I don't want my kids observing. One trip to the city per year is enough for me.

When we got home I took Murphy for a nice long walk on the new property and took a generous helping of peace and quiet.

Tomorrow is a yard work day if this mild weather holds. There are many garden rock walls that need repair after the winter and my bulb order arrived yesterday. Peacock Gladiolus, Felvo Laguna Gladiolus, Dark Night Carpet Lily, Commander and Chief Lily and Silverine Hens & Chicks will go into the ground tomorrow. Also on the schedule for the tomorrow is fruit tree pruning and woodpile cleanup.

Crossed fingers for good weather!

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