Monday, January 25

Where We Stand

Those of you who have stuck with me - thank you. We are back in small farm-motion, all be it a little bit of a slower pace than I would like. I can tell you that previous physical injury and current general unhealthiness have made the past year unproductive. I can tell you that time management and reasonable expectations are two things that have fallen to the wayside in recent months. My goal is to take that slower pace and be as productive as possible with it. There is so much going on here - we are making strides in preservation, self reliance and focusing on what's important. And I want to share it with you and show you that it can be done. It can be done with two kids. And health problems. And just in the current situation we all find ourselves in at times - financially, emotionally, physically and just being a human being on this planet.

My goal is to let you know how things are going - the good and the bad - at least once a week. I can tell you that we have many things in the works that incorporate a wide range of homesteading and sustainability topics. We are trying new things, taking big steps and learning as we go. I will be honest - some things will turn out great (I hope!) and I know for certain that some things will be total disasters. I will tell you about my idea for raising tuna at a later date.

So, this is where we stand on the property:

We purchased these 2.5 acres in upstate New York a little over 10 years ago. It included our farmhouse, a large barn and a large two part shed. Behind our property and to the east is land owned by our neighbor - around 60 acres. Our neighbor decided to sell the acreage, keeping 10 for.himself where his home already stands. He sold a small parcel next to his to a friend for the purpose of a small private homestead. The rest was up to us.

This land was directly behind us and totaled almost 40 acres. It included two more substantial barns.

Did we want to buy it or was it to be put on the market?

In our area, development has crept in like fog. Not pretty, wake up in the morning and see the dew and fog floating lightly on the field kind of fog. This is what I was compare to a thick, foul smelling possibly yellow colored vapor. Around here, developers are snatching up anything they can get there hands on and the thought of having rows upon rows of cookie cutter houses with direct views into our kitchen windows was not appealing.

In the end, we were about to work out a deal that made the purchase of 10 acres directly behind us possible, with an option to purchase the remaining acreage at a future date when we are financially able. And I wish it were that simple as a typing that paragraph. The details of land purchase are so unnecessarily complicated, time consuming and a general scheme to give people with almost no real power complete control over your future.

I would like to end there simply because it is after midnight and I am tired. However, I have decided that I do not want to use this blog as a sounding board for my negative feelings towards town laws, developers, banks, lawyers and the like. As I continue to update you about our progress, I want to focus on what we are doing as we move forward - not about all the obstacles that we have had this past year.

Where applicable to the project at hand, general property description or something that needs to be stated to make a specific point clear, I will fill in the details, such as the state of the new barns, the previous owners way of farming, ect.

But we are moving forward. Lots to learn and even more to just get done!

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