Tuesday, August 18

This little tidbit reminds us all of the millions of tiny chores that quickly kill a days worth of productivity. Yep, that's orange play dough in there. And it's going to take a bit of ingenuity and various small tools to remove it all.

It is as if my children lay awake at night in their beds conjuring up lists of odd things to put in odd place - cheese in the DVD player, a collection of small rocks inside bedroom pillow cases, or a hard boiled and dyed Easter egg in a nightstand drawer. Think about that for a minute - Easter. 2015. It is now approaching the end of August. 2015.

This picture pretty much sums up my life right now. But stayed tuned to see if I survive my children and their play dough-ridden pranks long enough to harvest the tomatoes.

Tuesday, February 3

The Goji Berry Failure

Putting aside the fact that I am a posting for the first time since last July, which I will make up for later, I am having trouble with my goji berries.

Does anyone know what might be causing the seedlings to wither dramatically while the roots are doing well?

The tops are wilting and looking miserable

The roots however are looking good