Friday, August 1


Like the clematis, I still have some roses hanging on but they are looking pretty beat with the recent hot weather and todays downpour. I had to do some massive thinning and trimming with the roses this year, mostly on the one light pink climbing rose on the corner of the barn. It had grown so massive and encompassing that it shading out all the other plants that had the misfortune of growing under it.
I felt very guilty about the whole thing and I waited for a day when the kids were driving me up the wall so I wouldn't feel too bad about taking my frustrations out on something. In the end I am very glad that I did it and the other plants are growing very well now. I know that this rose will come back and this time I will keep it in check.
The climbing roses will bloom again in the fall but my other ones such as my crested moss rose, will not. My favorite rose, the crested moss is just beautiful too look at.