Tuesday, July 1

Spring Flowers

 So far behind am I that I am still stuck in spring when summer is here and melting the world outside. It is in the low 90's with the humidity at unbearably high levels and i have no shame in admitting that the kids and i have been spending the day indoors with the fans and television on. 

This year has been so strange on the weather front - we went from winter to summer in the span of two weeks it seems, and most of that "spring" was full of flooding. My magnolia tree went from budding to blooming to dropping thousands of pink petals in the course of 4 days. It is as if someone, somewhere sped up the clock and we are all operating on 1.5 instead of normal 1.  I missed spring this year and I tried to cheer myself up by growing as much inside as possible.

My bleeding hearts suddenly appeared one day and they were gone shortly after.

It was almost the same with the lilacs. They managed to hang on for a little over a week.

A tree that I planted 5 years ago suddenly decided to bloom this year and I have no idea what kind of tree it is. I received it as an 'extra' in an order of other stock.
Any thoughts?

And this little guy did pretty well despite the fast-forward season formerly known as spring.

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