Tuesday, July 15

Murphy Continues....


Our new addition is growing at an astounding rate and he could not be sweeter. He is a snuggler, this one. And a biter, but he is still learning....

Seamus and Murphy have become buddies but Cheese and Buffin  I fear will never come around to Team Murphy. Cheese has a special dislike for him and if you want to see something interesting try gazing at a fully puffed up Maine Coon cat complete with hiss and claws. Murphy, ever curious, just can not let it go and he has the nose scratches to prove it. Buffin take a less aggressive approach by hiding under the bed.

"Hi Mom!!!! Can you see me? I'm out in the field! Look - I can go right out in the road! Hey - I just found something dead to roll in!! Isn't it great!!??"

Murphy amazes us every day with his many talents. He has a fantastic ability to locate any and all rotting corpses in various stages of decay on the property and takes great joy in rolling in the mess. I honestly had no idea that there was so much death lurking in my field.

He has also the latest to succumb to the epidemic of selective hearing which, in this household, has reached epic proportions of infection in husbands, children and now apparently, dogs.

He enjoys chewing on anything and everything including but not limited to shoes, wooden children's toys, plastic children's toys, hairbrushes, cardboard, couch cushions and the little girls pink stuffed kitty.

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