Tuesday, July 22

Grapes - Finally!

We planted these grape bushes a little after we moved in and it took them a few years to get established, then a few more to make grapes that were not totally sour. The past few years we have gotten actual grapes.
Last year, the birds ate every single grape while they were still green. this year, I have put up netting to keep the birds out and hopefully we will get a good crop of deep purple grapes this season.

In other garden related news the woodchucks that live under my shed have become incredibly brazen as I caught two of them happily munching on my bean plants around lunch time today. They way they waddled out of the garden and back to the shed when I made a noise made it clear that A) they are not afraid of me, and B) they have been eating way too much from the garden.

I take Murphy over to the holes, point to them and say "get them Murphy!". He looks at me, then back at the hole, then finds something else to sniff and roll in.

I am considering a well baited have-a-heart trap and a drive to the next county.

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