Monday, July 21

All About the Garden

This time of year it is all about the garden for me. I spend the majority of my outdoor free time hiding amongst the rows and beds, weeding and training cucumber vines up an old ladder turned trellis. As a Mom, I covet my free time when I can get it, and I think that spending it in the garden is definitely time well spent.

I like to plant different varieties of Calendula in the garden. It has a distinct scent and I can see why it is used as a deer repellent. And the seeds are easy and fun to harvest and save for next year.

It is almost time for cucumbers....

The basil made it this year - (I don't have good luck with herbs).

This year the garden is about experimenting. The raised rows (very promising), the mulching methods (very, very happy), spinach (just wasn't going to grow), arugula (something ate holes in all the leaves), german chamomile (it grew, now I need to learn how to use it medicinally)....

My goal is to figure out what I can grow well, what I can preserve well, what I can grow, harvest and use for natural remedies and how to grow it with minimal pest destruction and still using no chemicals. I have spent about 10 years working at this and in the back of my mind I know that I will never stop learning and experimenting, and I guess that is part of what I love about gardening. I can try new things and take the best, gradually turning my garden into a highly productive system.

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