Wednesday, July 16

A Rooster.

Well, there is no way of getting around it. Apparently we have a rooster.
She is just a big chicken, I said. They all have different genes because they were from the 'assorted pullets bin at Tractor Supply, I said. She is just very vocal, I said.
That's a rooster, Roy said.
As much as I hate to admit that Roy was right, we do, in fact, have a very loud and very big rooster in our flock.
He towers over the other chickens with his imposing size, but he has not shown any signs of aggression. He does seem to favor the 7 hens that he was raised with but he does not mind the other 8 hens that I had previous to his arrival. And he crows. Not terribly loud, but he does announce his presence. No complaints from the neighbors in that they all like or used to have chickens which is good since I have come to find out that our town kind of has a rule against having them.
One of the new ladies.
Am I bad for getting a bit of a rush out of that? I mean, I am technically breaking the law. I am flaunting it openly. No, I don't have a big sign up that reads 'Rooster on the Premises' but I have no plans to remove him from the flock and he is quite visible being black and white with a large red comb. My first homesteading stand of defiance. Sticking it to the man.
The man and his groupies.
No doubt about it - his is a beautiful bird. Black and white with long tail feathers and soft, almost fluffy rear-end feathers. His legs and feet are enormous but proportionate to his body and so far his temperament seems good. He has picked out the highest perch in the coop in which to sleep and his girls (the 7 he was raised with) all perch with him. I go in to collect the eggs in the evening and there he is, girls clustered around him, standing sentinel over them.
He does not have a name yet, although I was considering Lord Cornwallis for a little while. He has the pomp of the British Commander but as far as I can tell, not the arrogance. The last few times I have been out in the coop I have called him "Pretty Boy" which is strictly a nickname until I discover something more appropriate. 

Hi is a very pretty rooster.....

Very pretty, but with a little bit of attitude. He 'left a deposit' the millisecond after I took this picture and glared at me the whole time.

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