Monday, June 30

A Bauman Farms Peace Offering

Lets pretend that we are in one of those relationships where we can be apart for a long time but when we see each other it is as if no time has passed.

But I realize that a bit more time has passed than may be acceptable so let me smooth any ruffled feathers by taking you on an outing - an outing that I know you will enjoy. A peace offering, if you will.

Lets visit Bauman's Farm and check out the greenhouses bursting with every plant, shrub, flower and vegetable seedling you can imaging. It's a gardeners paradise in these greenhouses and I did not want to leave.

If I could just have this installed in my back yard, please? What? The cost? Oh, (wave of hand in the air as is casually dismissing the estimate), it doesn't matter the cost. It will bring me eternal happiness.
I love this color combination. this year I am all about the green hues.

Well, maybe the reds too...

Let's continue our tour.....

Hanging baskets are kind of a 'hang up' of mine. Every year I am astounded that they cost upwards of $40 each. I have broken down and bought some Boston ferns for the front porch on exactly two occasions and they ran my about $20 a piece. Making my own hanging baskets that look like these is an item on my gardening to-do list.

It takes a different breed of human to see this as beautiful.

So, is all forgiven? Will we be friends again?