Saturday, May 10

Snakes!!!!! (well, just one, but still...)

Just look at these nice seedlings....

So wonderful and strong and fuzzy....

Some else likes my seedlings too....
Um, yeah.

This is what I was treated to when I went to water the seedlings the other day. Happily warming himself (or herself - I am not well educated in snake anatomy) under the grow lights on the bottom shelf.

So there it was, just hanging out and I had reached an impasse. I needed to water my seedlings and I was not going to water around this uninvited guest. He didn't seem like he was going to move. So I did what any homesteading, DIY woman would - I ran upstairs yelling "snake in the basement!!!" My husband graciously went downstairs and removed the snake - which was huge by the way! - and I have been dreading the watering and chick feeding every morning and evening since.

I have no idea where he came from or how he got into my basement but since I am pretty darn scared of snakes, it is a mystery that I either want to solve or forget about.

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