Thursday, May 15


We are very happy to announce that our small farm is once again home to a member of the canine family.
We adopted Murphy from a rescue organization after meeting him at our local Tractor Supply a few weeks ago. We completed the adoption process and he has been with us for two weeks now. He is a boxer mix with what we think might be some beagle or terrier genes. And he could not be sweeter.
He is a very loving little dog who enjoys cuddling on the couch, playing with Saemus the cat, trying to play with Cheese and Buffin who want nothing to do with him, and following us around the yard inspecting everything in his path.
He is fascinated by the chickens who do not return the sentiment but he is sweet and gentle in every way. He loves the kids and seems to like other dogs even though we have not introduced him to our neighbors and their canines yet. He will meet what amounts to his cousins tomorrow - an English mastiff and a sheepdog/collie mix - but I am not anticipating any trouble. He is 16 weeks old and I can easily carry him around if necessary and he is so affectionate and eager to please that socializing should not be an issue.
It has been almost three years since Snowy, our Shepard/husky mix, passed away and I have been on the fence about getting another dog. I love dogs and I missed having them in the family but I knew that it had to be just the right dog. As with all of my cats and dogs, I knew the first time I saw them that they were going home with me. I am sure that any pet owner out there knows what I am taking about. I saw him at Tractor Supply and immediately all my concerns about bringing a dog back into our lives vanished. I knew that he was my dog.

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