Tuesday, May 13

Iris and Moneywort - I love the color contrast.
Moneywort - spreading like crazy in the shade garden and the garden under the kitchen window. I love the color of the foliage in contrast to all the green and when the yellow flowers come out, the contrast is even more beautiful. I believe this variety is called Persian Chocolate.


Spring flowers in May - it has been a very strange spring here. It is like we have skipped the entire month of April and gone straight from March to May.

These huge poppies as quickly becoming one of my favorite garden additions. Given to me by my neighbor, they not only survived the transplant but have flourished and spread. I can almost see them growing they are coming in so fast.

The lilacs will be here shortly and this year it looks like there will be lots of blooms on this light purple bush.

These smell wonderful and I wish they would stay around longer. Like everything this season, it seems like they are here one day and gone the next.

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