Friday, April 11

Will They Make It?

I am currently addicted to a series of books called 299 Days by Glen Tate. It is a ten book series with book #8 just being released a few weeks ago. Unlike other collapse fiction, these books are not an in-your-face total breakdown zombie apocalypse explosion. They are more subtle, realistic and deal with a more credible, partial breakdown scenario.

The community that has formed around these books and the author is amazing. And they are now trying to reach a wider audience to spread the message by producing a movie based on the books. Their kickstarter campaign is up and running.

As of this posting, they have raised just under $40,000 for the project but they need more to meet the goal, which ends on May 2nd. I encourage you to watch the kickstarter video for the project and see if it is something that appeals to you.

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