Friday, April 11

They Figured Out How to Fly.....

My new little chicks are no so little anymore. And the fluffy coated darlings have just about lost most of that fluff and replaced it with new-chick feathers - awkward looking but beautiful at the same time. I am getting a better idea of what they will look like as adults and I have already picked out two that I am definitely keeping.
I am very happy with how these chicks have filled in.
On a sad note, I did find one of the chicks dead yesterday morning. She must have passed on sometime during the night and there were no signs of injury. I know that this sometimes happens and that there is no explanation but it is always sad when an animal dies under my care. I removed her, checked her over for any clues as to what may have happened, and finding none, I took her outside and under the row of heavy pines.
These girls still look a little awkward in the transition stage....
The eleven chicks I have left are getting bolder and they have figured out that they can get airborne for a few seconds if they try hard enough. I have put some old window screens and some large pieces of cardboard over the top of the pen to prevent any escapes - accidental or intentional.
They are getting so big, so fast.
Also in the basement room are the seedlings which I am happy with so far. I have germination and good sprouts on all of the tomato varieties and all of the peppers. I was struggling with which watering technique I would use this year - comparing water usage, which was most time saving, etc. but in the end I just went with what I usually do. No set method, just the daily 'look and see'. I found that watering only from the bottom did not seem to be providing even soil moisture so I began gently watering from the top with the watering can for a couple of days, then switching to the spray bottle for the tops. I found that after germination the roots of the sprouts did a better job of pulling water from the reservoir below and I do not have to spend so much time with the spray bottle.
But, given that I am using the old stand-by 'look and see' method, I check them at least once a day and if they seem dry I give them water. if they are evenly moist, I don't. Not very scientific, I know, but I never liked science class very much anyway.

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