Wednesday, April 9

These past few days have been full of bad weather, sickness and stress. For weeks now, I have been waiting for a break in the weather - any sign that spring might be here. It has been too cold, too windy, too wet or a combination of all three and any type of yard or garden work has been impossible. My yard is a boot sucking mess of mud and standing water and everything smells of damp and rot.

So I am restless for spring weather and property repair and all of the 'to-do's weigh on my mind and cause me stress. The only times I have been able to get outside are to take the kids to their given activities and to purchase groceries and overnight diapers for the little man - which always seem to leak and make more laundry for me.

The other day as I was taking the little man to his martial arts lesson I was struck by the unusually high number of road kill specimens both in the road and on the side of it. Yes, I am used to seeing road kill and, sadly, I am used to passing the occasional smushed opossum or deer off to the side. On the way to martial arts I counted a total of 13, including a heron. How could someone possibly hit a heron? And it was raining a cold, hard rain and it was windy. Add the two teenage boys walking down the side of the road in black hoodies who just looked to not be "on the up and up" and my mood was just about as low as it could go.

We have had a round of strep throat here at the house, the kids are restless and want to get outside as much as I do, and there is so much on the calendar that I am hard pressed to find an open white square that is just that - open.

Oh spring, where are you?

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