Sunday, March 16

What Do You Think?

I am a worrier. I worry about a lot of things, a lot of the time. They range from worrying about the amount of water I should give my seed starting trays to the zombie apocalypse and every little thing in between.

Right now I am worrying about housing developments, which, in my book, rank right up there with the zombie apocalypse. A new one went in across the main road from our little road which turned a diamond shaped, yellow 'right turn ahead' warning sign on the main road into a full 'intersection ahead' sign. Who gets to turn right first? Who turns left first? It is like a mini-face off every time I want to turn off of our road onto the main road with the person trying to do the same thing from the other side, coming out of that new development.

And I thought that was bad. (in addition to the chemical grass fertilizer, inefficiently built housing thrown together by the lowest bidder and the natural habitats destroyed in the process).

But now my neighbor is selling.

My next door neighbor who owns many acres that stretch behind our house has decided to put the property on the market. I have no doubt that it will be snatched up by one of those huge developers and the wooded property, the fields, the creek and everything that lives in the will be destroyed.

And I will have strangers with teenage children praying music too loudly looking right in my windows. Instead of looking out the back kitchen window and seeing trees and deer and the flock of wild turkeys, I will see rows of identical faux-wood back decks attached to identical vinyl sided dwellings that have 3 feet of space between them.

That is not how I want to live.

There is one bright side to this in that our neighbor is going to sell us two acres that include two barns so that we will have a slight buffer to whatever monstrosity is dropped on the rest of the acreage. And I guess I should be grateful for that, even though I strongly suspect that it is offered in hopes that we will not make a fuss with the town during open discussion night at the planning board.

So I need to ask, what do you think?

Should I be grateful that we might be getting these two additional acres that would bring us up to a little over 4 acres in total? I mean, some people don't have any acres!

Should I be angry about a possible development in my backyard and the destruction of animals, plant life, ecosystems and open space?

Should we buy these two acres and do our best to turn it into a more sustainable homestead? Food forests, permaculture? Greenhouses? Larger garden areas? Space to experiment with gardening and land management techniques?

But what good would all that do when the developers are saturating the ground with chemical fertilizer just feet away? The creek runs from that property and then through ours. Granted, by the time the creek gets to our property it is hardly more than a trickle, but it is still a major water source for our gardens and property.

What do you think?

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  1. I would worry too but I am always telling my husband we need to move to the wilderness. We live in the country now but even more remote would suit me. If you have no plans of moving I would buy the 2 acres, We had a neighbor sell their house and 40 acres and a real estate company bought it with intentions of putting in a single wide mobile home park which would probably mean 40-50 new neighbors, Blah!!! Everyone went to the town meeting and fought that. I was mad a few years back when I was in the garden and heard all this noise and it was our town painting a yellow line on our road, I told my husband then to pack up the cows we were moving! Good luck with whatever you decide.