Saturday, March 29

The New Girls

A week ago a friend and I brought home 12 peeping chicks from Tractor Supply. We wanted pullets, so the selections available were a galvanized tub of almost all black chicks and a galvanized tub of brown and yellow semi-striped chicks. We took 6 of one and 6 of the other. They were labeled as "assorted pullets" and they were adorable. The black ones are so fluffy that they resemble maine coon kittens.

The others are brown and yellow with various stripe patterns. I can see how each one will be slightly different - one of the black chicks has a reddish brown head that you can only see in a certain light.

9 of these chicks will be added to my flock when they are old enough and the other 3 will be going to my friend to start her first-ever flock. She is the same friend who I assisted in started her first garden a couple years ago and she has been hooked ever since. I start her seeds for her here and the house since she does not have the space or the lighting and now she is branching out to chickens - the gateway farm animal.

Do you think I should warn her?

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