Sunday, March 9

Seamus is recovering from a nasty little virus that caused an upper respiratory infection. He had all the symptoms of a cold complete with runny nose and sneezing. He was completely miserable for a couple of days and after a trip to the vet and a shot of antibiotics, he was good as new a few days later.

He still has a residual cough that should dissipate over the next couple of weeks and I am keeping an eye on him. He has been spending a lot of time in his cat bed, especially since I moved it to the top of the chest freezer in the kitchen. From there he can see out the large back window and observe everything that happens at the bird feeder, and most of the back yard in general.

He is not as wild as when we first brought him home from the cow barn, but he is, after all, still a kitten. he loves to play and gets pretty feisty. His claws are in need of another good trim which I am horrible at doing.

But other than the daggers and the occasional cold symptoms, Seamus Harper McKenzie III is turning out to be a wonderful addition to our family.

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