Sunday, February 2

Steaming Eggs..... Who Knew?

Mother Earth News always gives me so many ideas and the December 2013/January 2014 issue was no exception. Tons of information about growing sweet potatoes, sourdough bread recipes, and my personal favorite, a great article about moveable greenhouses. So I was not surprised to read a little note from a reader published in the back concerning hard boiled eggs.

I was surprised, however, that her advice actually worked.

Kerry Wellington from Maine wrote about how she makes hard boiled eggs: steam them for 30 minutes, chill them for 3 and then peel. She states that "The shells will fall right off!"

Yep, they did. And I was ecstatic.

You don't see that every day.......
I have had so much trouble with hard boiling eggs. I have tried boiling for all kinds of time durations, using eggs that are a certain number of days old, rolling them to peel them, chilling in the fridge instead of water, etc. Given that I am in my mid 30's, I should know by now how to hard boil and egg, but quite honestly, it doesn't really come up all that much. I make the occasional batch of deviled eggs, which half the time turn into egg salad since peeling the eggs leaves them looking less than appetizing. All pitted with chunks of white missing and bits of shell sticking on.

But I had to make a plate of deviled eggs for a superbowl party and I remembered reading this little gem of wisdom in Mother Earth News. I tried it and it worked perfectly. I had the best looking peeled eggs around. No missing chunks, no pits, no stressful peeling resulting in tossing half the eggs and a little light cursing in the kitchen.

I was so thrilled that I decided to go all the way and use a sandwich bag with a little corner cut off the bottom to fill the eggs. (something I had only read about but never tried - hey, who wants to spend time making the filling look nice when the eggs look hideous!)

A few shakes of paprika later and I had a very nice looking superbowl snack table plate ready to go.

Unfortunately, I was not. The little girl is running a fever of 101.2 and she and I are spending the night on the couch watching a Downton Abbey marathon and making children's advil. Roy, the deviled eggs and the little man went to the party.

I am awaiting the report of the egg comments......

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  1. I have never heard of this before. You can bet I will try it. Thanks for the tip!