Thursday, February 20

Rainy Night Rambling

The cold rain is pouring down outside my not-so-energy-efficient living room windows as I type this and although I am mostly grateful that I have been able to keep Roy from tearing out these beautiful old windows in favor of a snug fitting, modern alternative, I do wish at times that the storm windows were a little more forgiving. The rain is hitting them so hard that they are rattling in their frames and I know that I will have soggy sills in the morning. When these old windows get drenched in the type of rain we are having now, it seems to seep into every little crack in the wood and lodge itself in place.

And given that it is supposed to be around 45 degrees here tomorrow, I might just want to open these windows and send a fresh draft through this winter-worn homestead.

With all this rain and melting snow there is a flood warning for our area through the weekend so I am anticipating the side field to be flooded and the basement to be a damp and musty mess. I dread the sight and smell of wet cobwebs. The basement pump has broken yet again and after Roy attempted to repair it many times we finally broke down and purchased a new pump. Sump pumps, like most other products on the market are made in China and not meant to last. This one came with a 1 year warranty. One whole year. Whoever designs sump pumps should have to spend time in our basement crawlspace under the stairs installing the thing into a hole in the ground. I guarantee that the next generation of sump pumps to come out of that designers imagination would be durable enough to last through the next ice age with warranty to spare.

This post falls on the 6th day of February break. There are 3 days left to go and I hope I make it. Given that the little man only goes to preschool three days a week for 3 hours each day, it should not be a big deal to have him home for those extra hours. But let me tell you that the little break I get three days a week is worth more than gold. It breaks up the day. It gives me one-on-one time with my little girl. It lets me sit down for more than 10 minutes. I miss my routine and my schedule.

I must admit that I have been off schedule lately, even before the break. I have let a lot of things slide lately that I would otherwise be right on top of. the To-Do list grows longer, the meals get a little more like large snacks and the other day the neighbors dog followed me in the house while I had an armload of firewood. She proceeded to sniff everything, including both kids and when she was finished with her inspection she jumped up on the couch and watched an old episode of Downton Abbey that I had on as background noise during house chores.

Sometimes I look around this place like everything is slightly out of focus and I wonder how I came to be here.

So now we are embarking on another adventure, or as regular people would call it, another day. It is 11:42 pm and a new one will be starting shortly. I am still here on the couch with Seamus curled up beside me and now, in addition to the rain pounding against the glass, I just heard the scuffing and scraping sound of something running around inside the living room wall.

Last time this happened we discovered squirrels living in the space between the 1st and second floors.

So, there's fun for tomorrow.

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