Tuesday, January 14

Pins, Tags, Pokes and Tweets

With all of my wondering and reading about life without the burden of technology and the sins of the internet, I find it odd that I have such an addiction to my laptop and all that the internet provides. I will not go into all the pros and cons, other than to say that the internet is an essential tool for the modern homesteader (you tube alone has taught me many new skills), and when used correctly it has the potential to drastically improve quality of life.

How many people have you connected with on facebook that you had lost touch with? And how many of those people have something unique and wonderful to add to your life? A new conversation, a new point of view, a new sounding board. And you can let people know you are thinking of them with a message that, in this day and age, is just as personal, if not more personal, than a hand written card on pretty stationary.

Tractor Display at Ionia Fall Festival, Finger Lakes, NY
The photo of the tractors by the old Miller barn made its way to a Finger Lakes Tourism board.
However, I recently discovered that some of the pictures I put up on this blog have been 'pinned'. Not in any sort of bad way, but some of my pictures of my portable chicken pen and some of the pictures I took of the Ionia Tractor Parade have made their way onto pinterest without my knowledge.
I recently created a pinterest account even though I really had no interest in doing so because a friend of mine insisted that it was the best and easiest way to share knitting patterns. And now, just like with facebook, I am falling in love with pinterest and all the wonderful ideas it brings into my life from crafting to pictures of my favorite television stars.

So I have been 'pinned." Should I be flattered? Does this mean that I am awesome in some way and that I should think it is wonderful that people are sharing my ideas and images? No one is taking credit for them, so there is no reason to be concerned, right?

Or should I be concerned? There is something strange and a little unnerving to see pictures of my backyard coop on people's 'boards' that I do not know. Does this mean that I will have a coop-stalker in my future?
Starting Here.: The New Chicken Tractor
My chicken tractor pic 'pinned'. (It does look pretty nice, doesn't it.)
I guess this is the price we all pay for living so openly online. I try to use caution when posting pictures and information. You can see that I never mention my children's names on the blog and my photos are mostly of my projects and gardens and not my immediate family.

Being 'pinned', or 'tagged' or tweeted about, or 'poked' are just some of the new mainstream entertainments that we all must endure in the modern internet age. I will gladly share and be 'pinned' if it will help someone discover and achieve their dream of homesteading or raising chickens. I just think we all need to take that one little extra step of judgement before we post anything - anywhere.
Starting Here.: Portable Chicken Fencing
My chickens and my fencing projects for them seem to be pretty popular on pinterest.
All things considered I am thrilled that the internet has become the wonderful information tool that I did not even have access to until college (I know, getting old.....) I have found so much inspiration while surfing the many farming blogs. I have no problem admitting that I am addicted to my laptop and the internet. I am a modern girl.

But I have maintained my modestly in the modern world. I still feel violated when I am 'poked' on facebook.

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