Friday, January 10

New Seed Box

With my brother taking over my Grandparents farm, he has had time to explore Grandpa wood working shop and to create some very nice projects. This Christmas he surprised me with my very own seed storage box complete with an old window latch and hinges that my Grandpa had saved away, knowing that some day someone might have a use for them.
My brother also found a decorative cut out to embellish the top of the box, another piece saved and put away in a shop cupboard. He used wood from the farm that my Grandpa had cut and stored in the old dairy barn so this box has such a special meaning for me. Made by my brother with parts saved and salvaged by my grandfather to save my vegetable seeds that will produce food for the entire family. What a wonderful gift.
The box it now full to the brim with seed packets from Baker Creek, Seed Saves, Botanical Interests and so many other vendors, all with their own special packaging colors and designs. I open the box and I see so much hope in those little packets.

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