Tuesday, December 3

Little Things

A few little things have been floating around lately that do not merit an entire post, but I think do deserve a mention.
First, from the conservative in me: is the language on Revolution getting a little risky? Is it just me? I really like that show and the second season is much better than the first as far as realistic life in a blackout. I mean, Charlie Matheson must have had a secret stash of shampoo and makeup hidden away in her quiver in season 1. In season 2, she is much more realistic, as is everyone's hygiene.
The language in season 2 bothers me. I find myself watching show and hearing someone say something not normally heard on network tv.... wait, did they just say that? Ok, I get it. It's not a show for kids and writers have to put in those little tid bits to push the envelope and keep their audience. It just seems like that is happening everywhere and pretty soon nothing is going to off limits.
Second, from the Mom in me: I have noticed that worlds are merging. By this I mean that I am making shopping lists with purple crayon, I am clipping coupons with safety scissors and I am eating my morning toast off of a red plastic plate with cartoon construction vehicles printed on it. Bathroom privacy is non-existent, hot wheels car magically multiply overnight like bunnies, and I am no longer shocked or surprised to find at least one toddler in my bed when I wake up in the morning. More often than not, this toddler is awake and is 2 inches from my face trying to inspect my teeth.  

Third, from the 'person that thinks there are way too many crazy people in the world' me: About 10 miles away from where Roy grew up in the southern tier of NY a man has been arrested for firing a cannon. Now, I happen to like cannons. They are great at the Civil War reenactments and my brother has one in his yard. However, this guy, while feuding with his neighbors, fired his cannon at his neighbor’s house for 8 straight days. It was only loaded with powder and not actual cannon balls which is probably a good thing, but apparently he caused quite a ruckus and after 8 days was finally arrested on charges of second-degree menacing and three counts of second-degree harassment.
The part that had me in hysterics was when the article stated that the police confiscated the cannon. Don't ask me why, but that had me laughing out loud. How does one confiscate a cannon? Where would you put it? The local Sheriff was quoted as saying that he did not recall, in his 34-year career, such an unusual seizure. As far as I know, the cannon has not been returned. 

Finally, a little observation from the other day: On the end of our road there are two huge corn fields, both already cut for the winter. A few days ago, on the north side of the road, the field was empty except for a few flapping and flashing goose decoy lures and a hunter hunched down in some tall grass. Not a goose in sight. 

On the south side of the road, in a field equally full of chopped off corn stalks and mud, about 200 geese were happily pecking. 

I decided against pulling over and shouting to the man hunched down in the brush that his dinner was eating their own dinner less than 1/4 mile away.

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