Sunday, December 29

Field Walk to My "Spot"

All of these pictures were taken while I was at my brothers farm a few weekends ago, when there was still snow on the ground. Regular readers will know that this farm, until recently, belonged to my Grandparents. This is what remains of my Grandfathers favorite field stand for hunting deer. It is a triangular platform about 3 feet off the ground and offers about 2 feet of sitting or leaning space. It is located in the same field as my "favorite spot" on the farm and near the place where I some day hope to build my cabin.
Standing there in the cold and the total quiet I could see why Grandpa put his stand here and why he spent so much time out on the property when he was alive. It is beautiful there and the silence is golden. The field is now slowly going back to forest as young trees are left to grow unchecked and what was once a mostly open field is now marked with developing strands of white birch and numerous other wild trees and bushes.
I wanted to stand there all day - until the chill finally crept into my snow boots and my cheeks turned red with the winter wind. Some day I will sit on my front porch, facing West, on a chill December day wrapped in a warm afghan and sipping some cocoa. Not hunting deer like Grandpa did from that vantage point, but looking for them just the same.

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