Tuesday, December 17

Bees in the Attic - HELP!

I don't know a lot about bees.

I know that they sting, that they make honey and that they are necessary for the survival of mankind but that is about it. I know nothing about the habitation requirements of bees which makes me totally clueless as to why they have chosen to set up residence in my attic.

I have been dive-bombed by them for the better part of late summer and the fall every time I needed to get something done in the attic. We have a full attic - unfinished, but very large - and we keep a lot of stuff up there.

Now that the climate is more arctic, especially in the unheated attic, I would expect the bees to either be dead or to have gone where ever bees go in the winter. Apparently they do not fly south like the birds. They seem to hang out in the attic, unseen, until I open the door to get the Christmas decorations out. Later that night I will hear at least one buzzing around. They must "reanimate" when they feel the heat coming through the open door and find their way out the door and into the house before I close it again.

It is not at all fun to  have a very large and very angry bee ramming into the overhead lights and sporadically swooping down over our heads.

I want to get rid of them but I am not sure how.

Who knows stuff about bees out there? What kind of bees are these? Why can't I find a 'hive' in the attic? How can I get rid of them?

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  1. Meredith, if you want them gone, call an exterminator, and they will come and take them away (probably they will poison them or spray them or something). I don't think they are bees. I think those might be a yellow jacket or some kind of wasp. Honey bees are actually yellow and brown, not black, something that surprised me when I first got them. They are also pretty tiny as well, and your guy up there is all the wrong shape. Call an exterminator and they'll identify them and then remove them for you.