Monday, November 4

There are two ways to look at this.

One: Being absolutely, completely and uncontrollably livid.
Two: To see it as a clutter purge.

My husband decided that I needed Windows 8 installed on my laptop. I told him that I was fine with what I had, I was having no problems and that I did not want to upgrade. He kept insisting and after about a week of pestering me, I finally gave in and said he could update Windows.

I backed up my documents, just in case, and he ran the upgrade. It did not work. There was some sort of problem. I said 'no big deal, I don't need it'. This did not sit well with Roy, given that he is a computer perfectionist and could not stand the thought of there being a computer in the house that was not running at peak performance with the most current, fancy-schmancy stuff. He then proceeded, over the course of an entire Sunday and against my wishes, to deconstruct my laptop.

I told him, on my way out the door with the little man for a play date, to be sure to back up my family tree program and the 'bookmarked favorites' on internet explorer in that I had not backed them up originally (since it was SUPPOSED to be a simple upgrade).

I now have Windows 8, which I am not crazy about and didn't want in the first place. I thankfully have my family history files which amount to years of research and thousands of names. I am livid about the fact that all of my bookmarks are gone.

I know you are saying 'they are just some bookmarks, no big deal'. But I use the bookmark feature for EVERYTHING. All the interesting and informative websites I have found concerning everything from gardening to sustainability to family history research to travel destination to kid craft ideas. All my patterns for knitting and crochet. All the blogs I read. Podcasts I listen to. All the neat tidbits I found in magazines and books. Countless links to EVERYTHING. All organized and representative of my day, my life, my world. Hours and hours of searching and discovering and compiling.


I have spent the better part of the evening yelling and I really must tell you that I do not feel bad about it. It is a rare day when I am 100% justified in yelling at my spouse for something that he did for which he has no excuse other than that he messed up. He did not listen to me when I asked him not to touch my computer. He was so obsessed with computer perfection that he was careless. He tried to backtrack and create excuses, but on this one, I have him dead to rights. And let me also tell you that it felt damn good to finally be able to win an argument and be justified in doing so by the facts.

So being very angry has lead me through the gambit of emotions from anger to disbelief to holding my head in my hands and back to anger. And, yes, I did feel a little bit good about being right. If there is one thing that does not happen around here very often it is me being right and being able to back it up with the facts.

Now, as it sit here still shaking my head and slowly starting to rebuild with the basics, I am starting to look at this as a kind of clutter purge. Simple is better. Less distraction. Less mental clutter. Granted, there were so many things that I have lost for good, but I do admit that I was thinking about cleaning out that bookmark folder. I am still sulking and bitter about losing all of those great ideas, articles, projects, inspirations, references and recipes (I am getting mad again just thinking about it) but I have decided to take this fresh start and use it to unclutter my online life.

Just don't tell Roy. He still thinks I am justifiably mad at him and it is wrong of me, but I am going to let him think that just a while longer.

PS - he is banned from touching any of my computers, cameras, my phone, external drives and my car keys. I really need my car keys.

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