Wednesday, November 13

My Own Produce Bags

Since I last posted about making my own produce bags, they have become much more mainstream and I feel like I am playing catchup. I have had the materials and the idea but just not the time. When I try to get the sewing machine out, I have two kids and a cat trying to "help."
Since they are so much more popular now, I happened to find white mesh produce bags at Target for really cheap so I picked up a few of them.
After using them, I discovered a few flaws and decided to make some improvements along with using my existing materials to make a few more.
As for the store bought bags, they were not sewn together very well and some of the seems were coming undone after one use. I turned them inside out and put a good straight stitch right to the inside of the existing straight stitch, on all three sides. I also put a strong zig zag stitch over the straight stitches on all three sides to give it extra support. The other problem I found with them was that the mesh material was slippery so the weight/price labels printed out in the produce department did not stick to the bags. I folded the label around the drawstring cord but I am looking for a better way since this makes the cord sticky. Other than that, these bags work great. They hold three to four large apples a big bunch of asparagus, or four or five tomatoes.
 a strong zig zag stitch over the straight stitches on all three sides
I also made a few of my own bags with the materials I already had here at the house. I had a mesh laundry bag that I cut into four sections. I trimmed them up so they were the right shape and size, and sewed them into bags, leaving the top open.

I had some leftover fabric from a curtain project that I used to make the drawstring fold-over and I used some lightweight cotton cord for the drawstring. They turned out pretty well and they work great.

And, since bringing your own produce bags to the store is now just about as popular as bringing the canvas checkout bags, I don't get any strange looks from the cashier.

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