Tuesday, October 29

I Hate to Admit It.....

but Roy's potato plot idea worked out pretty well.
This past spring Roy decided to try a new garden bed method for the potatoes. I was a little skeptical since it was not my normal way of doing things in the garden, and I think I was hesitant because Roy was invading my territory. Garden = my domain.
It worked. We got potatoes and a pretty good base for a nice garden bed with all sorts of composting goodies buried in the mix. A few weekends ago we dug the potatoes and gave the whole area a light tilling before we used the plot to plant our Jerusalem artichokes. Also called sunroot or sunchoke, we decided to give it a try since the roots are supposed to be very nutritious. We have never tried this plant before and I am anxious to see the results. It is a perennial so this garden patch will be devoted to them from now on but i am hoping that I can get some other, shorter perennials started in there to maximize space. Any suggestions?
I was very happy with the method used to create the potato bed (don't tell Roy) so I decided to create some of my own. I have been thinking about expanding the garden all summer and I know that more fencing is definitely not in the budget. So I made some rows outside of the fencing with the idea of planting things the deer might not find tasty. Any suggestions?
I have created 4 rows, running east to west, off of the east side of the garden fence, with space between the fence for mowing. I have 3 rows that are 15' long and 3' wide, and 1 row that runs 30'. I used the same method Roy did - first a base of cardboard, then pile on the chicken coop waste to a depth of about 7 or 8 inches, then top off the whole thing with about 3 or 4 inches of soil. Let any rain just weigh the whole thing down and next spring I will have nice ready-to-plant rows.
Right now I am thinking about putting my squash, pumpkin and gourd plants in the 30' row and at least one of the 15' rows as sunflowers and other pretty things. 
The first step - marking out the rows and getting the cardboard down. I used some metal bars to hold down the cardboard since it was a windy day. I removed them before I put the chicken coop waste on top.

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