Saturday, October 5

First Year of Seed Saving

This year I decided to start saving some seed from my garden. It only makes sense - I buy non GMO seeds so there is no reason that the seed I save can not be planted next season with good results. And it saves money.

I also get to learn a new skill which always makes me happy. When it comes to gaining knowledge, especially about how to provide for yourself, I am always willing to crack a book or spend the time.
I am starting small. Two kinds of seeds. One food, one medicinal flower.
Purple podded pole beans - a staple in my garden and there always seems to be just a few too many of them on the vine. I let whole sections grow to huge pods this year and now they are drying on the vine to a crispy light brown. I harvest some every day, when they are completely dry and I can hear the beans rattling around inside. I trimmed back all the leaves from the vines to give the pods the best possible sunlight to allow for maximum drying.

So far, so good. I have harvested enough to plant a few rows next spring.
If I can just keep Seamus from using my new seeds for cat toys......
I am also saving seeds from my calendula plants. This is the first year I have grown these flowers and I am very happy with the results. I chose them because they have numerous uses and benefits - mainly for the  anti-inflammatory and anti-viral uses. My interest in growing my own medicine has been increasing since reading natural healing blogs and listening to The Survival Podcast.

The seeds are very easy to harvest - just wait for them to dry on the plant and then snip them off into a jar. After I have collected all the seed I want I will spread all the seed heads out on metal screens to make sure they are all completely dry before I store them for the winter. Although I have not had time to make use of this great plant, next year I look forward to making some beneficial lotions and salves.

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