Thursday, October 17

Being Bad

I am pretty bad at quite a few things. I am bad at math. I am bad at keeping to a bedtime schedule. I am really bad at controlling how much money I spend on books.

I procrastinate about doing the dishes and about what to make for dinner. I am hopeless when it comes to car maintenance and plumbing problems. I beat myself up over my weight and I am addicted to Coca-Cola.

I am bad at giving at-home haircuts. I am very bad at setting priorities. Some would say that I am a bad Mom. A bad daughter, a bad wife, a bad friend. I have unrealistic expectations and unreachable goals.

I am bad at making a thanksgiving turkey. I am bad at trimming my cats claws. I am a bad blogger.

Yep, that's me. Grade A, 100% bad blogger.

I am sorry for it and I want to be here with you, telling you all about the things that have been happening here lately. All the trials and tribulations of home ownership, land maintenance, garden disaster and triumphs, animal stories, stressful kid moments, homesteading ideas and just about everything in between. The more I find myself tied to this place, the more I feel the need for a creative outlet. And the more I learn for other people's stories, the more I want to share my own.

I have been inspired by so many books, blogs, webpages, podcasts and videos lately that it is hard to know where to begin. I am inspired yet frustrated that I do not have the time to implement any of these new ideas. My days are filled with preschool, play groups, story time, martial arts classes and play dates. Not to mention all the house chores that pile up, yard projects that do not get finished and just about every other thing that you can think of if it pertains to running a modern homestead.

I have piles of books that are just begging to be read. Issues of Mother Earth News, Backwoods Home and Hobby Farm Home that are full of marked pages - ideas for things I want to do or buy or create.

There are just not enough hours in the day. (If one day human beings were able to choose one super power to possess, mine would be not needing to sleep. Ever)

By the time I get around to sitting down at the computer it is coming up on 10:30pm. Being that I am a night owl, my energy starts to come on strong after 6pm, but being a Mom, my kids are up and ready to go at 7am or earlier. So, I read a blog post or two, check out what is happening at Cold Antler Farm, download the latest Survival Podcast, and climb into bed.

So, now that we all know I am a bad blogger, I feel I owe it to you to straighten up and fly right. And I miss sharing. We have honey bees in the attic, a waterfall in the basement, I lost two chickens to old age, I found that I love growing eggplant, I found that I hate eating eggplant, I tried saving seed this year, I failed at tomatoes this year (again), I am thinking about starting a small CSA and Seamus escaped from the house. (He was found a few hours later playing in the neighbors pine trees.)

Lets make a deal: you keep reading and I will get things in order. No more being bad at things.

Except for math. I really hate math.


  1. You can only do what you can do. Don't beat yourself up about it. And I'm a bad daughter, too. Just ask my parents. :)

    Honey bees in the attic? That one I'm curious about.

  2. Um, yes, to everything you just wrote.
    Here's the thing: it is what it is, and you do your best everyday. Can't do more than that.
    You write. You don't write. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
    If its worth reading, (and even sometimes when it's just yammering) we'll still read it because it's fun, and we like you in a cyber-neighborly kind of way.