Saturday, September 14

They Don't Take 'Em Like This Anymore!

I found this picture while going through some of my Great Grandmothers things. It is not labeled so I have no idea who these people are or which line of the family tree it belongs to. It looks to be some reunion!
I want to say that it was taken in the late 1920's or the 1930's judging from the clothing. Clearly more research is needed.
Is it just me or does the man on the far left, in front, look out of place. 

Friday, September 13

Is it Still a Pie if it is Square?

This past weekend I made my first pie. Yes, you read correctly. This aspiring homesteader had yet to make a simple apple pie until a few days ago.
A family function called for a desert and it was requested of me to make an apple pie. It was for my brother and his first official family get-together on the farm so I did not want to disappoint him.
Now, I want to be clear and state that I have made another pie in my life before this. One pie. I was 12 and my Grandmother did most of the work. So it doesn't really count. But at least that pie was round.
In my pie-induced excitement, I got my apples (lovely granny smiths) and had the dough all rolled out and ready. And I realized that I did not own a pie plate. I had peeled and sliced apples all prepared and my dough was rolled out to the size and thickness that Betty Crocker would have been proud of.
And no pie plate.
I rummaged through my kitchen cabinets looking for anything that would work. Most of my round baking dishes are too deep for pies so it came down to the only two shallow baking dishes I have: the oblong oval one and the square one. You can see which one I used.
A disaster in the making?
Betty Crocker would not have liked what I did to the nice pie dough, but after some quick reworking with the rolling pin, I had a rough dough square.
Surprisingly, the rest went very well and I was happy with the results.
The finished product. (looks like a pie!)
Not knowing how it would taste since I did not want to take a pie to my brothers with a chunk missing, I decided to make some banana and zucchini bread to take with us. Just in case.

The fall-back bread offering. Just in case.