Friday, August 9

The Problem With Peas

Basically the problem with peas is that you have to plant, pick and shell a ton of the things to get a bowl of actual peas to go with a meal. The only time this bothers me is when I want peas with a meal. I don't mind the planting, the picking or the shelling. This has mostly been a problem in previous garden years in that I just don't plant enough peas. I underestimate how few that long row of vines will give me and I end up with small side dishes containing peas rather than having a bowl of honest to goodness home grown peas on the table.

This year I planted two long rows consisting of three different varieties. They have grown, blossomed and produced pea pods at different times so now that the early pea plants are dying back, there are still green vines from the other varieties. And, where the vines have dyed back, I have started another group of seeds.

With this new strategy, the pea production is increased and we have them as a side at least twice a week. There are even enough for the little girl in her high chair. She has a habit of throwing them at her brother.

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