Thursday, August 22

GCVM Civil War Weekend

Oh, such a long over-due post.....  We attended the Civil War Reenactment at the Genesee Country Village and Museum last month. One of my favorite places to visit, this place is a homesteaders and history lovers dream. I could actually live in the pioneer village section.
It was a very hot day but I was determined to enjoy the reenactment and all the fantastic exhibits. We had driven up the day before since the reenactment was a two-day event, but pouring rain kept us from leaving the car and we spent time in the parking lot watching drenched ladies in period clothing making their way to shelter. Many layers of hoop skirts and heavy cloaks seem to hold water.
The next day was hot, but clear and we were liberal with the sunscreen and the bottled water. The day's schedule included two battles - Stones River and Gettysburg. Visiting with the kids meant that we missed the village battle of Stones River. I should know by now that I need to allow one extra hour per child to prepare, load, travel and organize upon arrival for any event or outing. I thought I was so smart in bringing the big red plastic wagon for child, diaper bag and cooler hauling, but who wants to ride in a hard plastic wagon when you can be running around getting into everything. I decided that it was too hot to worry about it and as long as they were in sight and one of us could reach them before anything broke, we were ok.
I was a little worried about the Gettysburg reenactment since they made liberal use of the very loud cannon. Earplugs were passed out and the kids were enchanted with the little neon green squishy things that you could shove in your ears without getting in trouble. Both made it through the battle and both seemed to enjoy it.
After the battle we toured the village museum and spent a great deal of time in the pioneer farm display. Six whole buildings to make a wonderful homestead example, complete with period actors, sheep, pigs, chickens, crops and great photo opportunities. 
I have no shame in telling you that I was in my glory, despite wrangling children and keeping everyone hydrated and happy. I was surrounded by the details that make me draw breath and pause - timbers, dovetail joints, livestock, open-hearth cooking, farmsteads, raw wool, threshing, rough hewn beams and hand water pumps.
They grow and harvest their own wheat right on the farm using period hand tools. That might be the most wonderful sentence I ever typed.

Some day I will wake up and gaze out my kitchen window at a flock eating their breakfast.

If only my kitchen we this minimalist and wonderful.
But who an I kidding, the cat would have that vise on the floor in a million pieces in under 5 minutes.

I think I am going to have Roy build me this nice overhang work area off the back of our house.

So that's how you grow hops.....

I need this kind of stockade, oopps, I mean fence, for my garden.
And I love those bean poles!

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