Friday, August 23

Apparently, I am 'Anti-Rut.'

This is my side yard after an over-eager wood delivery service told us that
maneuvering in the side yard was "no problem"...
We have all the wood we need for this coming winter, and it is a good thing, since I am never letting another truck larger than a ford ranger on my lawn.

I can place the blame on Roy for this one and I have no reservations about doing so. After the delivery was made (I was not at home at the time) and after I arrived home, the first thing Roy said to me was "Don't worry, I'll fix it."

Now, any wife knows that when those are the first words out of their husbands mouth when she walks through the door, there is more than a small problem waiting.

And when the second sentence he says is "I'll just get a load of dirt delivered", it turns into a lot more than a small problem.

The wood has since been stacked, the lawn, or I should say 'what remains of the lawn' has been raked and cleaned up as best as possible, and the rut-filling should be taking place this weekend. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. The truck not only got stuck but it had to drive in and drive out which impacted the ground a great deal. I now have tire-wide depressions about 3 inches deep running all over the side yard.

There are few things that will get Roy to admit fault. Blatantly messing with my landscaping is one of those things.

As he stated when I finally uncovered the extent of the damage, "So, you are anti-rut, then?"

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