Saturday, July 6

Strawberry Picking

Last week the kids and I went strawberry picking with my parents at a local farm. The kids had a great time, my parents got all the strawberries they could handle for their jam making, and i got to take in the sights, sounds and all around wonderful atmosphere of the place.
Three goats were in a shady pen close to the stand and tractor loading area, munching on grass. The little girl loved them and sat crouched down, nose to the fence, absolutely beaming.


After a tractor and wagon ride out to the fields, we were told where to pick and we were left to enjoy the beautiful weather and the berries. Rows and rows of plants full of red berries. It took Mom, Dad and the little man 6 feet of picking on two rows to get 12 heaping quarts full.

The little man had a great time helping pick the berries and any fears I had of him going crazy, trampling plants or throwing berries we quickly dismissed. Grandpa kept him in line, of course, but the little guy was helpful and picked a few quarts all by himself.

The little girl and I wandered the rows and she watched other people picking and discovered rocks and sticks and other interesting things on the ground.

It wasn't long before we were back on the wagon, heading back to our cars with all the berries.

The jam has been made, canned and stacked in the white metal cabinet at Mom and Dad's. And the kitchen smelled wonderful.

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