Wednesday, June 19

Tree Stump Planters

May 29th

The tree stump planting project has turned out great and I am very pleased with the results and overall look of the planters. It remains to be seen how the plants actually grow in them but I was accept some trial and error given that the stumps were free and I just really like them.

I filled the bottom 2/3rd's with mulch and some small rocks to allow for some drainage and the top 1/3rd I filled with a mix of good soil and organic fertilizer. I watered them all thoroughly and let them sit overnight to give the soil a chance to settle and to let me see where there might be any leaks.

June 9th
 I chose Basil, German Chamomile and two types of Calendula for the one section of 4 planters. Right away I could tell that the chamomile was not going to make it. I have since re-seeded and I am hopeful since it should be drought tolerant once it is established, and I wanted to add it to my herbal medicine experiment list. Its attractive properties of relieving upset stomachs and irritable bowel syndrome, and also potential uses as a sleep aid and its anti-inflammatory properties are promising. I will try re-seeding again in the fall and see if I get any germination next spring.

The basil is doing ok - I find that I have to water it daily - sometimes twice a day in hot weather. I may decide to plant it elsewhere next year and pick another herb that better tolerates the full sun here.

June 19th

I had originally thought of putting rosemary in one of the planters but I did not want to have to dig up the plant to move it indoors for the winter. So I grew it in a nice pot which is now sitting in the garden but can be brought into the kitchen this fall without any digging.

The calendula are the ones that I am really looking forward to working with. My goal here is to make a cream or ointment to use for skin irritations and acne, and for a general body lotion that will include an anti-inflammatory bonus.

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