Thursday, June 27

Humidity and Plastered Peonies

This past month of June has been one of unpredictable and interesting weather here in Upstate NY. Hot, humid days, sudden thunderstorms, damaging winds, sunny pleasant days chill nights and cool breezes.
The veggie plants love it. The flowers hate it. I look forward to the beginning week or 2 of June since that is when the majority of my roses are in full bloom. The garden in front of the barn is a wall of solid roses. Hundreds of them - branches mixed and intertwined - with pinks, whites, reds, and shades of each from the darkest magenta to a pink so light that it is hard to tell where the pink petals start and the white ones leave off.
This year, the roses did not disappoint. And just about every other flower in the garden was doing great as well. Then we had a few days of heavy rain, local flooding and just plain miserable weather. The peonies were the first to go. With so much heavy rain the huge pink, white and magenta blooms did not stand a chance. Even with the supports I put around them to keep the blooms off the ground on sunny days, did not help. The soaked blooms drooped over the support and hung there, defeated. Others just lay flat on the ground, petals falling off in a mushy, muted pile.
Every bloom, blossom, ornamental leaf and vine were plastered with rain and looked miserable.
What the flowers lost in luster, the veggies made in vigor. They all seemed to thrive in the humidity, damp and excess water. Parts of the veggie garden were under water, mostly the paths in between the zucchini and the tomatoes. But the plants themselves were all thriving.
More on the promising (knock on wood) veggie garden soon.....

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